Wednesday, March 13, 2013

12 SharePoint quotes but maybe not what Microsoft would want

1. With SharePoint, you can do everything, if you have enough money, time and ibuprofen

2. Social collaboration leads to value creation

3. For collaboration projects emphasize education over training. The why can be more important than the how.

4. Don’t use the words “social”, “media” or any combination of the two when talking to executives

5. Networking emerges from collaboration and not the other way. i.e. Networks are a side effect of work

6. It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure

7. you don’t have an adoption problem. you just haven’t made something useful

8. “How many think that your search is working”  - 50 participants - no one raised their hands

9. Beware of analysts hawking trends. 1 event is an anecdote, 2 events are a trend, 3 events are the truth

10. Don’t call it a SharePoint project – it’s a collaboration project or a communications project or a…

11. Social intranets are a bit like sex as a teenager – it sounds exciting but nobody really knows what they’re doing

12. 4 layers of intranet adoption


These great ‘Quotes of the Conference’ came from ‘Intranteam’ an intranet conference in Denmark recently.