Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Activate or Rearm Windows 7 for 120 days

Windows 7 rearm is just like using Windows 7 trial for 30 days.  This rearm can be done  four times maximum. Today we will show how to do that.

There is a legal way to activate it for 120 days . It is not a hack, it is a system put in place by Microsoft to give you more time to evaluate it.

Step1:  Open the Start Menu.

 Step2: In the Start Menu search box, type Regedit and press Enter.

Step3:  In the registryEditor, go to:

Hkey Local_machine ==> Software ==> Microsoft==> Windows NT==> Current Version==> Software Protection Platform . 

In the right pane, see if SkipRearm is set to 0 (number 0)

Step5: If it is not set to 0 – Right click on SkipRearm and click on Modify. Type 0 and click on OK. (See screenshot below).If it is set to 0 – Skip this and go to step 6.

Step6: Open an elevated command prompt (it will be elevated if you are Admin, or if not just run it as Admin)

Step7: In the elevated command prompt, type slmgr -rearm and press Enter. (See screenshots below)


Step8: If successful you will get the below screenshot. Click on OK.

 You can rearm Windows 7 for a maximum for 3 times that means a total of 120 days.