Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Short Story:

I have two computers:  Sony laptop( laptop1) and Dell laptop(laptop2 ).

I buy a Windows 8 Pro  to upgrade my Dell laptop.

The problem:

At some point, I must have entered the license key on my laptop1, because when I go to the activation screen on my laptop2, I get this:

 I can’t use the key on my laptop2. Now how the hell do I transfer the key from my laptop1 to my laptop2 computer?


The problem here was getting in touch with a local support person at Microsoft.

But I finally got in touch with someone capable, and here’s what we did:

We first opened up the activation prompt:



  1. Press Win + R  -->; Type slui 4
    Or Win +W + “Click Activate”.
    Or click your account icon and click the account settings. 
  2. I tell him all the numbers(step2 in pic); after that, he gives me the corresponding numbers to enter( step3 in pic).
  3. The installation is now activated.
Thanks to Microsoft