Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is the Reader application and how do I use it in Windows 8?

The Reader application is a Microsoft preinstalled application that allows the user to view PDF files and at the same time provide many useful features.

  • From Start screen, launch Charms by placing the cursor on the top right or bottom right hand corner.

Select Search.
Select Reader.

The Reader application is launched. Select Browse.

 You can search for PDF files by selecting Files and select the location of the PDF file.

Select a specific PDF file and then select Open.

 The PDF file is launched and allows you to view the content.

 When you righ-click on the file, it provides you additional features such as:
  • Search
  • Two Page
  • One Page
  • Continuous
  • Open
  • Save As
  • More

 Selecting Two pages allows you to view two pages.

 Select More then Close file to close the PDF file.