Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Change Where Downloaded Files Are Saved in Firefox

In Firefox it's very straightforward  how to change a location of the downloaded files. There are 2 options you can choose. Just carefully  follow the steps and you will do fine.

Step1:  Open Firefox, and  find a "Tools" option on the tool bar



Step2:  Click on it to get a pull-down menu, then click on Options


Step3:  Click on "General" tab

Step4:  Find   the  "Downloads" section, where you have 2 options to manipulate the location of the saved filed. LETS LOOK AT THE 1ST OPTION.


Step5: Mark a box  "Save files to" as shown on the image.  Decide for yourself  which folder you want to save the downloaded files in.   For instance you decided to store your  files in the "Downloads" folder.. Click  a Browse button.


Step6: Find "Downloads" folder  which can be usually found here: C:\\Downloads.  Highlight the folder and finally click 'Select folder' button as shown on the image.


Step7: It will place "Downloads" folder name into the little window.



Step8: Click 'OK'  button to save your  setting.  Now LETS LOOK AT THE 2ND OPTION.



Step9: Start from  step 3 and at this time mark "Always ask" box as shown on the image.  It means that every time you download a file  the computer will ask you which folder you want to store this file in.