Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Disable Delete Browser History in Internet Explorer,

Step1: Click on your "start" button.

Step2: Select "Run" from the Start Menu

Step3: In the "Open" box type "gpedit.msc".

 Step4: Click OK to open the Group Policy Editor.

Step5: Select "User Configuration" on the left hand side of the resulting window.

Step6: Double-click on "Administrative Templates" on the right hand section of the window.

Step7: Double-click, this time on "Windows Components".

Step8: Double-click on "Internet Explorer".

Step9: In the resulting list of options locate and select "Disable changing Temporary Internet files settings".

Step10: Right-click the item and choose "Edit".

Step11: On the Edit pane, select "Enable" and click "OK".

Step12: Locate and select "Disable changing default browser check".

Step13: Right-click the item and choose " Edit".

Step14: On the Edit pane select "Enabled" and click on "OK".

Step15: Exit the Group Policy Editor. People who use the computer will no longer be able to clear their internet history in Internet Explorer.