Friday, May 10, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Installation

For SharePoint installation I have logged in with SPAdmin account, and also have created one more account for which will have administrator rights on SharePoint farm ( SPFarm).

1) Download : SharePoint Server 2013

2) Mount ISO file. and start installation process.

 Before starting installation SharePoint Server, need to install software prerequisites. So click on Install software prerequisites.

Accept and terms and licence agreement and go next.

 After the above step you can proceed with the actual installation.Once installation of Prerequisite is done. Click on Install SharePoint Server.

Enter product key and Continue.

Accept Terms and press Continue key.Keep Path of Server as it is and click on Install Now

Wait for a few minutes for the installation to be completed.

Once the installation is completed you will be launched with the Products Configuration Wizard.

clicking on Close button then Wizard will run.

 Click on Next and select  Create a new server farm. 

 and click Next.

Specify your database name and credentials in the following page:
Enter Database server name (Server name on which SQLServer is installed).
 Ex: sp2013(SP2013 is the server name where SQLServer is installed)

Database name: Enter Database name.

Username : sp.local\spadmin (which I have created in AD(Active Directory)).
Because this Service Account(spadmin) will have full access on SharePoint Config Database

Password : (Password set for Spadmin account).

 click Next.

Enter Passphrase.

Specify Central Administration port.If you want you can change it .

Select authentication provider for web application:  NTLM

I have select 9999 port number.

Click on next.

Wait for the configuration activities to be completed. This should take around 10 minutes.

Once the Configuration is done you will get the following message.

Click on Cancel button. This will open Central Admin web page.

Following is the screen shot of Central Administration in SharePoint 2013

This is the Sharepoint2013 step by step process with the help of  Sreeni.