Creating a Partition on Windows 8

Creating a Partition on Windows 8

Hold the Windows logo key on your keyboard and press “R” (Winkey+R). This will launch the Run the utility. Type “diskmgmt.msc” inside the text box and press Enter. This will open the Windows Disk Management utility. This is where you can format, create, and delete hard drive partitions.

In order to create a partition, you need unallocated space. Unallocated space is basically disk space that is not formatted or not prepared for storage. Formatting is the act of preparing a disk space for storage. It similar to building a foundation for a place to be inhabited. Thus, unallocated space is just useless blank space with no “foundation” or format.
To create unallocated space, you need to shrink your hard drive. When you shrink your hard disk, the remaining space becomes unallocated.

To do this, right-click your main drive and select “Shrink Volume.”

Now you need to enter the amount you want to shrink the hard disk by in megabytes (1024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte). For example if you want to create a 49 gigabyte partition, enter 50,276 megabytes in the text box. Now click “Shrink.”

The Disk Management Utility will show you the maximum amount of shrink space available. That’s the maximum size that can be allocated to the new partition.

You will then see the region of unallocated space (shaded green).

Now you need to create “foundation” or format for the unallocated space. This will allow for the space to become usable.

Right-click the region of unallocated space and select “New Simple Volume.”

This will launch the New Simple Volume Wizard. This will guide you through the installation process.

Assign the disk a drive letter. You can choose any drive letter that is not currently in use.

Select a file system for the disk. The file system is basically the type of format or “foundation” the storage device has. If you plan on installing a Windows OS to the partition select the “NTFS” file system.

Name the partition in the “Volume Label” text box.  You can choose any name for your partition. As you can see, we’ve name ours “MalneediNK.”

Now click “Finish” to create the new partition.

As you can see, this is the new partition that was just created.